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Droopy Eyelid

Itchy Eyelid

Humans have two eyelids -The upper and the lower eyelid. The eyelid is covered on the outside by very thin, delicate skin and on the inner side by the conjunctiva.

Both the eyelids have muscles in them. The upper lid has a special muscle, called Levator for elevating it. The edge of the lid contains glands, which secrete oily part of tears.

Any idea how many times we blink?

At least 12 times every minute! 

Itchy eyelid

Infections  of the following types can cause itchy eyelid.

Various bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites like lice can attack the eyelid.

The eyelid gets red, swollen, itchy, sticky.

There might be one or more swellings.


A stye is similar to a boil or a pimple. There is infection at the root of the eyelash.

Caused by bacteria.

One or more, painful, red, swellings present.

What shall I do?

Wash eyelids frequently, to remove any sticky discharge in the eye.

Apply hot compresses gently to the swelling without any undue pressure.

It usually bursts on its own.

An antibiotic eye ointment is helpful.



Have you had a lump on your eyelid for some time? You did not bother about it, since it gave you no trouble.

That 'lump' is a Chalazion. A Chalazion is an inflammation of the glands in the skin of the eyelid.

What should be done?

They usually disappear on their own.

But if they are multiple, recurrent, should consult Ophthalmologist.

He may advise chalazion excision, which is a short office procedure, or a steroid injection may be given into the chalazion.



The whole eyelid is swollen, itchy, red, dry, scaly. The eye may be stinging, and have burning sensation. This is due to the altered soapy secretions from the infected eyelids.

It is caused by bacteria, fungi.

What to do?

Wash eyelids frequently with warm water. Use a Q-tip with baby shampoo to remove scales on the lid.

Antibiotic ointments are useful.


Ulcers with frequent bleeding , recurrent chalazia, keratin horns on the eyelids especially in elderly may be cancerous and should be shown to an ophthalmologist.



Trichiasis means misdirected eyelashes.

The eyelashes brush against the inner eye and lead to watering of the eye.

Various chronic infections and inflammations of eyelids, like trachoma, Pemphigus, Steven-Johnson syndrome etc. can cause trichiasis. 

Can trichiasis be treated?

The ophthalmologist may :

Pluck out the faulty lashes.

If they recur - 

May treat with Cryo, that means applying ice to destroy the faulty eyelashes

Use special electrodes to the eye-lash root

Laser application to the eye-lash root and hence may prevent recurrent trichiasis problem

 In very few cases surgery may be required.

Why should I get it treated?

Eyelashes brushing against the cornea can cause Corneal Ulcer.



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